First, do not speak within anyone about your case, other than me or a member of my office. Things you say to law enforcement, friends, family, and coworkers can be used against you in Court. Under certain circumstances, Idaho recognizes a privilege, and confidential communications with spouses cannot be used against you- provided the communication does not pertain to abused or neglected children. It is very important not to communicate with any person other than your attorney.


It is important to communicate all details, good and bad, about your case to your attorney. Inform your attorney of any potential witnesses (people who were present, or saw how much you had to drink or not drink and when) or potential evidence that you think is relevant to your case. If you don’t tell your DUI attorney about it, he most likely will never find out about it. It is important that you spend time talking with your attorney about your criminal charge. Good communication ensures both the client and the lawyer are both informed, to best handle a difficult situation. Your attorney should be prepared well in advance of all court hearings to discuss your case with you, and be ready to handle any unexpected events in Court.